DDB Triple-Action Hydrating Face Mist

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DDB Triple-Action Hydrating Face Mist.png

DDB Triple-Action Hydrating Face Mist


A multiuse, facial mist that instantly replenishes skin with a burst of intense, long-lasting hydration. Loaded with nutrient-rich humectants and plant-derived antioxidants to soften, soothe, and refresh skin before, during, and after makeup. A couple of spritzes from this portable makeup companion are all you need to revive your skin and revitalize your spirits!

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Multifunctional Uses:

  • After cleansing and toning to provide a hydrated canvas on which to layer skin care products for full absorption
  • Spritz on throughout the day for a refreshing boost of cool hydration.
  • Mist over completed makeup for a protective veil that extends makeup wear time.
  • Mist at end of workday to rehydrate and revitalize.
  • Spritz in palm and blend with a heavier foundation to create a sheer coverage …
  • Or, for the same effect, spritz over applied foundation and use a sponge or brush to refine finish.
  • Hydrates an overly dry, powdered face to give a softer, dewier finish
  • Spritz, buff and blend lines of demarcation (example jaw bone and neck) with a sponge or brush.
  • To intensify eye shadow, lightly mist shadow brush, then pick up colour and apply in a patting and buffing motion. Use this technique with a tiny angle brush to instantly turn an eye shadow into eyeliner.
  • When travelling, spritz on face and neck to counteract the drying effect of recycled air.
  • Do not spritz directly on sunscreen, however, as it can dilute the protection rating.

Facial Misting:

Hold at arms’ length from your face, close eyes, tilt head back and hold your breath. Spritz mist once over forehead, a second and third spray on each side of the face, a fourth in the center of your face and one on each side of your neck and throat. Give your cleavage a spritz, too, if that’s on display.

Primary Active Ingredients:

Hyaluronic acid,glycerine, and shea buttercreate a potent humectant mist that attracts, boosts, and locks in moisture to soften, plump, and enhance skin’s radiance. Subtle olive-oil scent. Suitable for all skin types.