Eye Calligraphy Pen


Eye Calligraphy Pen


Bring out the artist in you and create a variety of stunning eyeliner looks with this richly pigmented, dual-tipped eye lining pen. The fade-resistant and smudge-proof formula glides on smoothly, and quickly dries to a matte finish for long-lasting wear. Use the ultra-fine tapered tip to create tight, precise lash lines, sleek and sexy feline flicks and slashes. The shorter end can be used like a pencil for thicker and bolder liner styles.

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Step 1 - Hold pen parallel at the lash line with the tip pointed towards the tear duct.

Step 2 - With a light hand, rest the tip into the roots of the eye lashes and glide tip along to establish a base line.

Step 3 - Taper and thicken the outer end of the line.

Step 4 – The tricky part…. To create the right cat tail, place the tip at the outer end of the eye and with a quick and light move flick the tip upwards in a 45-degree angle. Sharpen and adjust the tails’ finish by adding more liner to the top, bottom, or both sides between the very point and natural end of the eye. You may need to practice this a few times to get it right.


Close pen with lid and gently shake to increase colour flow.