Peach Supreme Makeup Collection


Peach Supreme Makeup Collection


Get peachy keen with this special summertime selection of blushes, lipstick and glosses.

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Collection Includes:

For Your Cheeks

  • Marmalade Blush - gentle peach with a golden radiance. Perfect for fair to medium-tan skin tones.
  • Georgia Blush - a luminescent, rich peach. Ideal for medium-tan to deeper skin tones.          

For Your Lips

  • Lullaby Lipstick - This conditioning formula delivers a peachy glow that looks gorgeous on its own and elevates any lipstick when layered over top.
  • Nectar Tube Gloss – Delicate, sheer and glistening, this is the gentlest way of wearing peach. Apply and sigh.
  • Mangled Bangle Lip Shine – with SPF 15, this paint-on gloss is a mesmerizing mix of peach, pearl and gold metallic pigments that give a striking golden-glazed illumination to the lips.