The Ultimate & Complete Makeup Lesson


The Ultimate & Complete Makeup Lesson


Nothing beats one-on-one attention. Impeccable, enlightening, empowering, and fun. Dino takes the time to evaluate, educate, and update your current look and skills to create fresh to radiant looks with a streamlined and versatile makeup kit.

Where else can you bring in your current makeup bag for editing, get personalized advise, discover your best colours, and get the answers you’ve been long been looking for? 

A personalized and illustrated Beauty Booklet is provided for foolproof DIY results.

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Dino evaluates your current look, products and attitudes and then directs you through a customized makeup application. This step-by-step makeup lesson creates the perfect look that reflects your personality, profession, style and taste.

In clear stages, Dino teaches you the techniques that are right for your face. Each stage delivers maximum impact with minimal effort. He shows you how to softly accentuate or dramatically define your features to suit every life occasion. Learn how to pull your look together in just minutes for work, then take it up a few notches to look glamorous for night.

Dino can equip you with the most effective colours and tools to do your own makeup. Money-wasters are replaced with sensible, savvy solutions to assemble a sophisticated, streamlined and versatile makeup bag.

People of all ethnicities, ages and professions immediately benefit from Dino’s enlightening and engaging approach — leaving inspired, confident and gorgeous.

As part of Dino Dilio’s Complete Makeup Lesson, you will receive a copy of The Art of Beauty Workbook that illustrates everything you learn in your session with personalized and detailed pages and charts. This book serves as your do-it-yourself at-home manual and shopping guide. Filled with Dino’s specialized insider tips and tricks, this book will have you making up like a pro!


Upon completion of your purchase, contact Dino Dilio at or call 416.969.9148 to book your appointment.

To keep the focus entirely on you and your needs, these sessions are private and closed. Guests are not permitted.