Also I wanted to let you know that the makeup lesson I had with you had been invaluable! All the tips have taken years off my old look - and so easy to use and I am forever grateful - and so much better than going to a department store as they try and push their products on you and I felt that you truly wanted to help me change my routine and get the best bang for my buck ;) Thank you so much!
— Karin B, TO

You’re awesome! Total transformation in just minutes — you’re a magician Dino!
— Deanna D, TO

Thank you for your time on Saturday. Your ability to make a non-make up wearer feel comfortable & not intimidated was wonderful. I am at work today with the ‘face’ and a number of people have asked me what I did to my eyes! Thank you so much!
— Jill D., TO
I felt like a queen for my son’s wedding. You made me feel so beautiful and I want to thank you. You were so amazing in every way possible and totally professional. Now I see why my future daughter-in-law’s family raves about you. The whole experience was fabulous.
— Suzanne W, Thornhill

I love this makeup!
— Beth E., TO

Many thanks for a very productive makeup session. I have implemented what you taught for both my work and casual. I really like the five minute approach with only liner and mascara on my eyes. I would certainly recommend you for a friend who is interested in the process.
— Lea H., TO

The best alternative to one-sided, on-line tutorials and incomplete books.
— Trudy, TO
Can’t thank you enough for all that you did for me yesterday — the make-up, the hair and just a great catch up! Thought I looked great which is something I NEVER feel so it was nice — thanks so much.
— Dana D, TO

Thanks for the great makeup lesson today and for the kind compliments about my daughter Kayla. She fell in love with you, just like me! We look forward to our fall make over. Thank you for always making me look current and fabulous.
— Lucy, Markham

Dino, Anne and I had a great time with you yesterday, and at our young age learned so much with your eye opening lesson… It was such a pleasure and an occasion that will be well remembered,… until our next opportunity to meet again! Thank you so very much for your gracious sharing of wisdom! Joyously Liberated from “Blue.
— Lynn, Ajax

I just wanted to thank you again for a wonderful informative, reconstructive afternoon. I left your studio feeling more youthful and more like I have wanted to look like in a long while. My forgetful husband even commented as I walked through the door that I looked really good and he had no idea that I had been to see you. That in itself made my day. I put on my new face today with a valiant effort and was pleased with the result. I had no comment from my 3 yr. old or my 14 month old grandsons about how nice I looked, but both my son and daughter-in-law said I looked especially well rested. Ahhh the little stick of concealer did its job well. Thanks once again for your expert help and I hope to send some of my friends along for some of your helpful expertise.
— Carol, TO

We were extremely pleased with your work and even more importantly with your calm and charming presence.
— Claudia S. Mother of the bride, TO

Dino gives great face!
— Dee Dee, TO

It was wonderful to meet you and take advantage of your expertise and learn some of your tricks of the trade. The “look” is perfect and something I can duplicate. It is simple, straightforward, and most important me. It was a worthwhile investment of time and money.
— Joan, ON

I love the fact that Dino works with you — not on you. That approach is refreshing and much needed.
— Hillary, TO

Dino picks up where nature left off.
— Carolyn, TO

When I’m in Dino’s chair, it’s time for me to relax, rejuvenate and fuel-up. I not only look great when he’s finished, but I feel better too. It’s like new found energy. Dino removes all the appearance and feeling of a hard day’s work – and energizes me for the next task at hand.
— Sharon, Palm Beach

Thank you, from the heart.

Thanks again for the makeup lesson. I had a great time and I learned a lot – and have been receiving rave reviews.
— Jenepher, Halifax

You Rock! I love your work!
— Kiki, Waterloo
I love your work.
— Rebecca B., TO

What a fabulous time we had today at our beauty party. We just love our new looks and can’t wait to experiment. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
— Denise, Marilyn and Donna, P.E.I.

I only hope I can use my new stuff with the same deftness as your magical hand.
— Ida, Barbados

Oh my god, I never knew I could look like this!
— Karen, San Francisco

Thank you very much for all your help! This is one experience I will never forget. You have helped me to appreciate the beauty I have instead of concentrating on all my flaws. I don’t think words can express the appreciation I feel but thank you from the bottom of my heart.
— Ekta, TO

That’s all I have to do to look this great?!
— Beth, TO

The session I had with you was incredible. Your tips were extremely easy to follow and I’ve been getting compliments from everyone. Truly, you are amazing.
— Deborah, TO

Amazing makeup with a snicker and a grain of salt.
— Shar Richards Beauty, TO
I think everyone looks good. But makeup can make you look better! Dino does it best.
— M.H., Mtl

— Claire, BC

I feel so much more confident about my makeup now that I know what I’m doing. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience. You are both a gifted artist and an excellent educator.
— Rosemary, TO

Deep appreciation for making me feel beautiful.
— Toby, TO

The makeup lesson was great! Dino was able to show me some techniques that I was unfamiliar with and that I have been able to put into practice. What I liked best was that I didn’t need a lot of products to look and feel good.
— Francine, Calgary

Delightful Dino!
— Kim, NY

Dear Dino, I wanted to thank you so much for all your amazing and talented work for the wedding weekend. Since I first met you, I knew that you were an amazing and special person. You and your team worked well with everyone! We had a great time getting ready (Friday, Saturday & Sunday) and each time you made the “makeup experience” a great time. You are a great person and I appreciate your generosity.
— Jen, TO

Slinky, soulful and nimbly.
— Sarah D., NY


He was interactive, made it a real life experience! He showed what a real job in this field would look like (great makeup techniques).

His approach to teaching and interacting with the class keeps students engaged and entertained. I especially like that he has thorough knowledge of the industry and imparts that knowledge to his students.

The experience he has is immense and he shared it with us full heartedly. He really cares about teaching and his passion is contagious.

I like his ability to really help us improve our skills by telling us exactly what we can work on. He uses his own pasted experiences when giving tips to help us understand better. Very professional with a great and panche.

Dino is kind and very knowledgeable. He brings his experience in the field to the class to help us learn and have better understanding of the case material. He is an excellent instructor.

Dino was so professional caring and extremely knowledgeable. He always took the time to help students when needed and allow us time to be creative.

His uplifting spirit, and the way he makes our class a fun learning environment. He is creative patience and has a great sense of humour.

Fairness in the classroom.
Dino was the best instructor I have ever had. He is amazing at what he does and I really hope I have him again as a teacher.

He is perfect.

He is very knowledgeable, helps you improve and correct your mistakes, funny and easy to talk to.

Dino is great to work with! As a teacher he strives to help his students and wants them to succeed! I have had nothing but encouragement and positivity form him! He’s the best!

Dino is very, professional, pleasant, tactful, focused and fun.

What I loved the most about Dino was his ability to being thoughtful and understanding of all the students. I had the best experience being in his class and I only hope he could continue to be my teacher for all my other courses.

He makes the course extremely fun and his happy spirit makes every class worth coming to. Love his in-the-moment teaching.

Provided a lot of “real world” scenarios to relate to. His willingness to go out of his way to make this experience amazing. His knowledge of the business (helpful tricks) very relevant.