1. Best Skin Care Products

“I’d like to introduce you to my favourite and sensible skin salvation product line Paula’s Choice. Paula Begoun has created brilliantly formulated skin care with sublime textures, that work together in comprehensive systems based on what scientific published research proves is beneficial for skin. From basic to preventative to rescue and repair, her products are made with state of the art ingredients, technology, and packaging that successfully treats everything from acne to wrinkles, rosacea, sensitive skin, sun damage, dry skin, oily skin, and blackheads — restoring skins health, beauty, and radiance.

Never have I been more confident in recommending such a fine line of skin care that truly transforms you inside and out. I personally use these products and professionally recommend them to friends, clients, and colleagues. The exfoliants, serums, and Shine Stopper are huge winners. The Paula's Choice website is comprehensive and easy to navigate. The products are well priced and delivered right to your door with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Take advantage of her amazing sampling program to travel and to try out new products. Don’t deprive yourself of this important advantage.”

2. Balea 3 in 1 Cleansing Cloths at Shoppers Drug Mart

“These cool and convenient moist cloths effortlessly remove all makeup except water-proof mascara. These cleanse without residue and soften the skin with a delightful after glow. Keep them in zip locks tucked in your purse, desk and car for quick freshening-up and in your night stand for a quick clean without the bother of the sink.”

3. Chapstick The Moisturizer


“I am always trying the new lip balms that come onto the market. I always return to this one. I love the long lasting quality, feel, and volumizing effect. Great alone or under lip colour. My Toronto winter staple.”

4. L’Oreal Paris Original Voluminous Mascara

Voluminous Mascara

“Get quick length, colour and volume with this legendary and dependable industry favourite.”

5. 99% Alcohol

“It seems silly to include this but it is a reliable, effective and inexpensive beauty cleaning fluid that cleans and sanitizes brushes, tweezers and more. It’s like Windex® for makeup. Read more about in my forth-coming beauty book – Let’s Face It!” 

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