The Low Down on Liner

I continue to see woman use too much eyeliner, and then wonder why their eye makeup never looks quite right or makes them look tired when they’re not. Most eyeliner pencils are quite soft so they can deliver colour without unnecessary pressure or discomfort. Sometimes the pencil can be so soft that it’s difficult to use with precision. (Or maybe a pencil sharpener is the perfect gift for you!)

Going over the lash line repeatedly with eyeliner only adds more product and is often the culprit for the mess. A little trick is to use the DDB Chisel-Tip Angle Brush, to pick up and transfer the eyeliner. Rub the tip back and forth over the tip of the pencil and then apply the liner along the base of your lashes. This gives you more control and you can build onto it by adding more--without the line becoming too wide and wonky.

To begin, position and tuck the longest point of the brush at the outer end of your eye and--in overlapping dashes--work into and along the lash roots. Holding the brush perpendicular or slightly angled upwards allows you to see what you’re doing. Taper and fade out the liner as you reach the inside edge of the iris. The outer end of the eyeliner can be thickened to elongate the eye, or lifted up and out for a winged effect. The results are more flattering than rimming the pencil all around your eyes, especially in the inside corner where some liners can make the eye look dark, tired--and even mean. The right tools and a little technique can help eyes look rested, bright, and ready to take on the day, or night!.