New Books You'll Love!

I love books. Especially ones about makeup. This time of year, some of the most glamorous books come out. Gorgeous, glossy, and gigantic; they can be as big as a coffee table itself! Here are two new books I’m giving to friends who love beauty and art:

Face Paint

Face Paint: The Story of Makeup by Lisa Eldridge

Published by Abrams, New York

This is a welcome historical tome about the science and art of makeup past-to-present. Eldridge explores the primitive and often poisonous practices of Egyptian (and Victorian) times, right up to my favourite period: Hollywood’s golden-era icons. Why do women continue to emulate these fabulous faces? Read and learn! Face Paint touches on the social impact of makeup and how one of the oldest global social practices has become a multi-billion dollar phenomenon. For me, Eldridge’s book is a wonderful, updated version of Richard Corson’s 1972 classic, Fashions in Makeup--though Eldridge’s take is lighter on text and heavier on lavish, detailed images. 

Art & Makeup by Lan Nguyen-Grealis

Laurence King Publishing

This book is not about au naturel style! In this luscious volume, award-winning makeup artist, Nguyen-Grealis, documents how makeup can be used unconventionally and in other art forms. With the worlds of art and cinema in mind, Art & Makeup is a beguiling showcase/gallery of this artist’s work. It includes images, references, and how-to techniques inspired by Picasso and Warhol, The Great Gatsby and Mad Men. Nguyen-Grealis reaches way back to pay homage to daring darlings Cleopatra and Marie Antoinette. The photography is stunning.