Winter’s Brilliant Little Multi-Tasker: 7 More Things You Can Do with Lip Balm

 Dino Dilio Beauty Tips

When winter hits, lip balm is an unsung hero. After all, it’s the best companion to combat the ever-looming chapped lips syndrome—and much more. A quality lip balm will include emollients like Jojoba and Shea oils to moisturize and soften, plus waxes to lock in moisture; its price shouldn’t exceed the cost of 2 cheap cocktails or 2 fancy coffees. While applying balm to clean lips makes an ideal base for lipstick and gloss, this inexpensive beauty basic goes places way beyond just our lips!

  1. Massage into dry cuticles to soften and condition after washing and drying hands.
  2. Swipe balm lightly through eyebrows to add sheen, then use fingertip to groom hairs into place.
  3. Paint generously over palms of hands. Massage together, and then smooth over flyaway hairs to tame. Great trick for hat head.
  4. After a bath, massage olive oil onto dry elbows and heels and then lock in with a layer of lip balm.
  5. Swipe across exposed parts of the face in frigid weather for even more protection.
  6. Apply potted lip balms with clean lip brush, new cotton swab or freshly cleansed finger. (For maximum hygiene, carry a stick version of balm to use throughout the day.)
  7. Pick up balm with thumb and index finger and work into unruly moustache and sideburns to groom.

It’s Da Balm! Top 3 Lip Balms under $15

 Dino Dilio Beauty - Paula's Choice Lip & Body Treatment Balm

Paula’s Choice Lip & Body Treatment Balm - This astoundingly concentrated formula offers on-the-spot relief upon application to dry, chapped lips as well as on elbows, cuticles, and nails. Tames unruly eye brows and fly away hairs. - $15US

Paula’s Choice Lip Balm with SPF 50 - Maximum lip sunscreen and protection for snow bunnies and water lovers. $10US

Chapstick The Moisturizer with SPF 12 – $10+

Keep an eye out for Cera Ve’s Healing Lip Balm Broad Spectrum 30 when shopping in the states. I’ll keep you posted when this little wonder makes its way to Canada.