The Ultimate & Complete Makeup Lesson

The Ultimate & Complete Makeup Lesson

Nothing beats one-on-one personalized attention. Dino will take the time to evaluate, educate, and update a new client’s current makeup. He’ll define, or refine, their beauty with a fresh, fabulous new look. Engaging, enlightening, and empowering, Dino’s hands-on instruction and “secret” professional techniques can help anyone become their own makeup artist. This beauty gift keeps giving back in confidence--and attention.

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Supreme Summer Beauty Tips

Dino Dilio Beauty - Supreme Summer Beauty Tips
  • Wear sunscreen! Otherwise it’s “Rays today, raisins tomorrow.” – Loretta Young

  • Because lip gloss behaves like a mirror, wear a sunscreen-infused lip balm underneath to prevent burning.

  • Check the expiry dates on last season’s sunscreens.

  • Buy sunscreen in multiples and bulk so you can distribute them to family members and loved ones. Tuck extras wherever you’ll need to reach for it: your purse, car, boat, by front and back doors.


E-mail me directly from the pool, the beach, or your local patio. I’ll answer your beauty questions and concerns from the air-conditioned DDB Studio—our version of summer school!

May your lazy, hazy days include sun-safe fun and memorable, magical moments.

- Dino

3 Top Lip-Loving Looks for the Holidays

Dino's 3 Top Lip-Loving Looks

Get noticed with these ravishing one-step, paint-on liquid lip colours.  Made with nourishing ingredients, these formulations keep lips supple while delivering rich colour and shine. Each one looks great on its own, or with little else; the attention is going right to your lips. Use the side of the applicator to outline and shape, the flat surface to paint and fill in, and the sponge tip to refine and finish.

Invisible Lip Liner

This colourless and waterproof lip liner pencil glides smoothly around lips. Apply before colour to lock lipstick in place and prevent color from bleeding or feathering. 


3rd Annual Client Appreciation Month

Are you ready for the holidays? Let me help you get you ready for stress-free parties by offering some laid-back beauty shopping you can do in your pajamas!

Here’s a special holiday price for long-time clients who are faithful to their favourite combo of DDB Concealer/Revealer and Mineral Powder Foundation. This year it’s bigger and better, with a bonus! Buy 2 Mineral Powder Foundations and Concealer/Revealer (a.k.a. Double-Duty Mineral Concealer) and get a third powder and concealer for half price--plus free shipping within Canada. Easy beauty doesn’t get any better and allows you to stock up until next year.

Introducing the DDB eGift Card

Dino Dilio Beauty eGift Card

DDB eGift Cards are now available for our online store! 

Who’s on your list that could use my help? Gift cards make great last-minute hostess gifts. And they’re a quick save for that unexpected (or forgotten!) someone. No gift-wrapping, mailing, batteries, or assembly required.

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Peach Supreme

Peach Supreme - Summer is finally here and many of you are asking what should I do to update my makeup? Cosmetic colours for June through August have always leaned to the brightest sector of the colour wheel: punchy pinks, vibrating violets, outrageous oranges and courageous corals for lips, cheeks, eyes and nails. For me, one colour that rises above all the usual suspects is the pretty and perky Peach. Luscious, fun and friendly, peach has a way of conveying the sweet sense of southern charm, conjuring images of daiquiris and peach cobbler enjoyed on a sun-dappled front porch. Peach is the softer side of orange and makes a wonderful alternative when pink and coral is just too much. In Chinese culture, peach represents immortality; in beauty, peach makeup never feels out of style.

This lovely shade, however, is often misunderstood. It amuses me when someone describes this seemingly perplexing colour as a variant of pink or as a sister to orange. Peach is often confused with apricot, which is yellower, and coral, which pinker and brighter. Artistically speaking, peach can be found in the red-orange sector of the colour wheel between rows 1 – 3.

Peach looks best when it’s swept over the cheeks and lips for a sensational sunset feel. Wear it on top of your favourite lipstick and blush for a softer side of you. Peach pairs beautifully with white, neutral and golden-bronzed tones. Use cool blues, teals and turquoises for the most complimentary combination and tropical twist with eye liner, shadow, and wardrobe pieces. 


The DDB Spring Lipstick Collection

There’s no quicker way to update your look than with a brand-new lipstick. Pick one of the prettiest shades from the parade of punchy pinks, cunning corals, oh-so oranges, and vivacious violets.

Bright or bold, these fruit-punch shades can be worn by everyone, unless you’re considering the colour orange. This tricky shade works best if you have pearly white teeth. Anything less will emphasize the difference. In this case, go for coral--the happy medium between pink and orange.

Inspired by the tantalizing colours of tropical flowers, The DDB Spring Lipstick Collection is luscious, vivid, and infused with skin-nourishing ingredients. These long-lasting formulas offer amplified patent-leather shine. Each one makes a statement all on its own, or can be layered to create additional shades.


Hot pants pink. Few makeup items signal Spring! more than this fresh pop of colour.


Sensational citrus orange. Best friend of blue eyes and pearly white teeth. For a coral lip, mix with Pow. 


Vivacious violet. Brightens green eyes.


Creamy, sheer, and sparkling nude. A quieter alternative to the vivacious spring take, this shade can be applied over any bright tone to temper the intensity. Wear alone for a nude look anytime.