Supreme Summer Beauty Tips

Dino Dilio Beauty - Supreme Summer Beauty Tips
  • Wear sunscreen! Otherwise it’s “Rays today, raisins tomorrow.” – Loretta Young

  • Because lip gloss behaves like a mirror, wear a sunscreen-infused lip balm underneath to prevent burning.

  • Check the expiry dates on last season’s sunscreens.

  • Buy sunscreen in multiples and bulk so you can distribute them to family members and loved ones. Tuck extras wherever you’ll need to reach for it: your purse, car, boat, by front and back doors.


E-mail me directly from the pool, the beach, or your local patio. I’ll answer your beauty questions and concerns from the air-conditioned DDB Studio—our version of summer school!

May your lazy, hazy days include sun-safe fun and memorable, magical moments.

- Dino

Ask Dino | Eye Brow Micro-Blading

Dino Dilio Eye Brow Micro-Blading

Many of you ask about Eye Brow Micro-Blading. This procedure is a more gentle type of semi-permanent tattoo that can last between six and twelve months. After a consultation to determine the shape and colour variation of brows best suited to you, meticulously placed hair-like strokes are skillfully incised into the skin with a special needle. Pigment is then placed into these simulated eyebrow “hairs.” This service is helpful for those with arthritis and for people who are visually challenged. In the main, micro-blading appeals to individuals who want to wake up with eyebrows on the face, not the pillowcase. Unfortunately, I have seen more bad work than good, so if you’re considering eyebrow enhancement,  I can confidently recommend Tina Davies

If you live in the Maritimes, you’ll be in good hands with Jenepher Reynolds of About Face Cosmetics.

Ask Dino- Lip-Plumping

Dear Dino,
Do any of those lip-plumping products actually work?
Barbara, PEI

Dear Babs,
They do work because they have irritants like cinnamon and camphor which cause the lips to swell. I’m not a fan of products that irritate the lips for effect! A shimmery or glistening pale lip-gloss is a healthier choice. And please stay away from those “snake sucker” lip puckering gadgets too.

Ask Dino- Vampire Lips to Luscious Lips

Dear Dino,
I have tried these long last, two-step lipsticks without much success. They are too drying and makes my lips look puckery and leathery. I like the idea of putting lipstick on once and forgetting about it for the day but all my girlfriends say I look like a vampire. Help!
Buffy, T.O.

Dear Buffy,
It sounds like you weren’t doing the second step of a two- step product and that’s why your lips look the way they do. It’s very important to use the balm/gloss after the colour sets to add moisture back to your lips and lend shine. The colour is delivered to the lips via alcohol, which evaporates after application leaving the colour to stain the lips. See the importance of the second step? But I have good news for you. Revlon has a new one-step long-lasting lipstick that is wonderful called “ColorStay Ultimate Liquid Lipstick”. You can use it lightly like a stain or layer it on for a very rich colour. It sets itself and keeps lips looking lovely. My favourite shades are: Perfect Peony, Miracle Mauve and Supreme Sienna. Let me know what you think.

Ask Dino- Layering SPF

Dear Dino, If I wear a moisturizer with an SPF 15 and a foundation with an SPF 30, does that mean I’m getting a total of 45 SPF protection? Sandra, Bowmanville, ONT.

Dear Sandra,
I love this question because it’s one I get often. The answer is no, sort of. Layering sunscreens doesn’t add up to higher protection. You will get more than a SPF 15 but less than SPF 45. It’s better to use a higher protection product if you want more protection. SPF 30 is the new recommended strength for daily low sun exposure situations while a higher one of no more than SPF 50 is needed for high sun exposure and outdoor activities. 

Remember, without sunscreen protection it’s “rays today, raisins tomorrow.”