Ask Dino | Eye Brow Micro-Blading

Dino Dilio Eye Brow Micro-Blading

Many of you ask about Eye Brow Micro-Blading. This procedure is a more gentle type of semi-permanent tattoo that can last between six and twelve months. After a consultation to determine the shape and colour variation of brows best suited to you, meticulously placed hair-like strokes are skillfully incised into the skin with a special needle. Pigment is then placed into these simulated eyebrow “hairs.” This service is helpful for those with arthritis and for people who are visually challenged. In the main, micro-blading appeals to individuals who want to wake up with eyebrows on the face, not the pillowcase. Unfortunately, I have seen more bad work than good, so if you’re considering eyebrow enhancement,  I can confidently recommend Tina Davies

If you live in the Maritimes, you’ll be in good hands with Jenepher Reynolds of About Face Cosmetics.